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Juanita, Trades Assistant

A 21-year-old Aboriginal woman is giving back to the company that gave her a shot by spending her time mentoring and supporting new trainees.
Juanita Evans was offered the opportunity to work for Pindan on Woodside’s North West Shelf housing refurbishment program and one year later she’s a fully qualified trades assistant.
She completed her Cert II in Construction at North West Regional Tafe’s Minurmarghali Mia campus in Roebourne while working full-time for Pindan.
Juanita said she’s already learnt so much in her time working for the company.

I’ve learnt about the area perimeter, how to build the roofs and plastering, it’s sort of like I could build a house ... slowly, but still.
Juanita Evans

Now that Juanita is qualified, she’s taking time to offer support to new trainees that start on the job. Having been where they are she’s qualified to give them guidance.

“I’ve been given so much help from other people and I wanted to do the same,” she said.

“I want to be able to teach others what I’ve learnt and they can probably teach me a thing or two as well. It’s a great thing for people to learn from each other.”

The refurbishment program involves the upgrade of 400 Woodside properties, with the work expected to continue until June 2020.

“I’ve been removing walls, vinyl and frames and whatever else needs to be replaced, we have to do two houses per week, so I’ve been taught new techniques to do it quickly,” she said.

Pindan senior site manager Shane Langley said Juanita hadn’t worked a lot before they hired her and her transformation has been incredible to watch.

“When she started she was shy and timid and now she’s the longest serving member of the team,” he said. 

Her knowledge of the job has really expanded which has given her the confidence and enthusiasm to grow with the role.
Shane Langley, Senior Site Manager

Pictured: Juanita Evans on the job
Photo Credit: Shannon Beattie
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Matt, Acquisitions Manager

For more than a decade, Matt Stacy has been the go-to person at Pindan to expertly assess and procure key development sites. As Pindan’s Acquisitions Manager since 2004, Matt has skilfully helped to negotiate deals on behalf of Pindan in a role that he light-heartedly describes as sometimes akin to “throwing a handful of darts at a moving board”. Working closely with Pindan’s Director of Development Management, Nick Allingame, and funds management division, Pindan Capital, Matt is responsible for assessing the best use for development sites and preparing cash flows to determine the appropriate land acquisition price.

“The projects we’ve acquired and funded under Pindan Capital have been great to work on and more recently, the North Sydney, Turramurra and Crow Nest apartment projects on the east coast have been interesting to be involved with,” he says.
“We are presently working on a residential development portfolio that requires a large amount of due diligence and cash flow revisions beyond count, which is always an exciting challenge.”
“Over the same time, the property and construction industries have ridden a decade long mining boom which has led to increased prices, values and dwelling densities,” he adds.
“We are now dealing with the aftermath of high costs and unrealistic land prices which keeps things interesting!”
Prior to Pindan, Matt completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Property) at Curtin University and worked as a trainee valuer, before becoming licensed upon gaining his degree.
He spent several years in commercial and industrial real estate followed by six years with the Perron Group as a property analyst before joining Pindan in 2004.
Matt names Pindan’s family-focussed nature and the fact that “the doors of senior management are always open” among the things he enjoys most about his workplace.
The licensed valuer has seen staff numbers more than treble at Pindan during the past 12 years and happily acknowledges that despite some “physical” changes – such as two office moves – the fundamental values of partnership that underpin Pindan’s success have remained constant.

“Friday beers, sundowners, social functions and corporate events are also pretty good.”
Matt, Acquisitions Manager
And, when he is not negotiating a great deal, Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and sons, aged 10 and 13, and taking part in a game of water polo during the summer months.

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Melanie, Carpenter

For as long as she can remember Melanie Coles has been fascinated by construction. Growing up in Hedland she was intrigued by the various projects springing to life around her and while considering future occupations in high school, she decided to test her skills. After experiencing four trades during work experience stints – ranging from cabinet making to boiler making and plumbing – Melanie was surprised to discover a talent, and passion for, cabinetry. She commenced an apprenticeship in 2010 and gained valuable experience as a contractor on large projects, run by Pindan and other companies in the North West, by the time she had completed the trade in mid-2014.

When Pindan Asset Management began recruiting local staff to assist with its large-scale Department of Communities contract earlier this year, Melanie was offered a job as a Maintenance Carpenter in Karratha.
Supervisor, Slava Slavashevskiy, explained how Melanie was handpicked for the role.
“Melanie has worked directly for Pindan since June 2015 but previously worked for me at Timber First as a Leading Carpenter,” he said.
“She also had many years’ experience on big projects in South and Port Hedland while she was an apprentice.

“When I was approached to come and work directly for Pindan Asset Management as a Supervisor, I offered to take two workers with me that I highly recommended and Melanie was one of them.”
Slava Slavashevskiy, Supervisor, Pindan
Melanie said that she felt destined to be involved with Department of Communities projects, having assisted with their New Living Program during her apprenticeship.
“I also did two weeks in Newman at the Art Gallery, then went to Meekatharra for two weeks doing maintenance and did second fix for Pindan during the second half of last year,” she said.
“In addition, I worked on the renovations at Port Hedland’s International Airport and it seems that it doesn’t’ matter where I go, or who I work for, I always end up doing Department of Communities related work.”
Six months after taking on the role, Melanie says she is enjoying the professional growth she has experienced.
“The thing I like most about working for Pindan is that I can express myself in the carpentry aspect of my job and take on the organising part of my day,” she said.
“In many companies you don’t get that role, so I can really say that I have matured over my time with the company.”

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Donald, Yard Plant & Crane Manager

If you have driven past a Pindan construction site in recent years and noticed a crane or hoist in use, chances are long- time Pindan employee Donald Sheed has helped to get it up and running. As Pindan’s dedicated Plant and Store Manager/Crane Technician, Donald is responsible for providing all the construction equipment that makes its way to site, and finding solutions to safely erect and dismantle hoists or cranes at any project that requires a ‘lift’. Donald joined Pindan 11 years ago as a Dogman, Crane and Concrete Pump Operator and has spent the past eight years as its Plant and Store Manager.

He manages a team of five staff and was pleased to welcome two new European manufactured tower cranes to the fleet earlier this year.
“I have recently been busy preparing and erecting two custom made tower cranes,” he said. “With a larger lifting capacity, they will help to save time on various jobs.”
Donald says he enjoys the variety of his work and the people he works with.

“Pindan’s staff and management are two of the things that set the company apart from others I have worked for.”
Donald, Yard, Plane & Crane Manager
When he is not soaring to lofty heights or busy maintaining the fleet, Donald spends his spare time playing golf and enjoying family outings.

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Steve, Design and Drafting Manager

No two days are ever the same for Pindan Homes’ Design and Drafting Manager Steve Haylan. Whether he is focussed on a beachside mansion or budget homes; government housing or grouped dwellings, Steve is inspired by the variety of projects on offer. There is never a dull moment but Steve wouldn’t have it any other way. “Previous companies I have worked for have been focussed on one part of the residential market which can be uninspiring,” he said. “As I oversee Pindan Homes’ Design and Drafting department, I don’t get the chance to do a lot of design anymore, but I do enjoy the everyday challenges that I face which may come from sales all the way through to construction.”

Steve initially joined Pindan’s in-house design and drafting team in early 2008 and progressed to design development with Pindan Homes later that year.
More than six years on, Steve has recently designed a luxury, three storey home in Ocean Reef, worth A$1.2m. He and his team are also in the process of designing and documenting 130 group dwellings over 30 sites for the Department of Communities.
“I think it is wonderful that we cover all facets of residential construction, from budget homes to grouped and multiple dwellings through to luxury multi-storey homes,” he said.
“I started with Pindan Homes in its infancy and it’s been great to see it grow over the years.”

“The Pindan Homes team is wonderful to work with and in fact, all Pindan staff are highly supportive, which is a big plus.”
Steve, Design and Drafting Manager
As a father of two boys, aged 7 and 6, Steve happily concedes that he does not have much spare time but he does enjoy a quiet pint at his local pub to watch a spot of cricket.
“I enjoy watching cricket and was lucky to see the 4th and 5th tests of the Ashes in England,” he adds.
“I would highly recommend this tour for any cricket enthusiast.”
Steve is also a regular blood donor through Pindan’s corporate Red Cross program, Club Red.

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Gary, Contract Administrator

Gary Byrne swapped grey skies for endless sunshine when he joined Pindan as a contract Administrator in December 2012. Having worked as a Quantity Surveyor and contracts manager for over 12 years in the United Kingdom, Gary has spent the past 18 months focussing on projects in WA’s rugged Pilbara region – a world away from his native Ireland. From the Government Regional Officers’ Housing (GROH) programme and a recycling and waste management facility in Karratha to warehouse and apartment developments in other Pilbara towns, Gary has relished the diversity of his role, and the frequent travel to the North West.

Throughout his career, Gary has been involved in most aspects of construction.
He has worked with all stakeholders – from sub-contractors and main contractors to clients – and credits this experience for teaching him to discern what each party hopes to achieve from a project.
“As a contract administrator, I deal directly with all parties to a construction contract,” he said.
“My empathy towards each stakeholder helps me gain respect and trust from each party, allowing me to administer the contract in the most effective manner possible,” he said.

“When all parties work together, the result is a great product in terms of quality, programme and value for money.”
Gary, Contract Administrator
Gary said the challenges that went hand-in-hand with the fast- paced nature of his job meant that no day was ever the same.
“Pindan has brought new challenges in my career and I enjoy challenges,” he said. “I particularly like the fact that I am always busy and always under pressure.”
And, while he loved that the weather in WA was “much warmer and sunnier” than Ireland, Gary said his colleagues and the Pindan management were also a pleasure to work with.
When he is not travelling to the North West or negotiating contracts from Pindan’s Head office in Belmont, the keen mountain bike rider and his family have embraced the laid-back lifestyle for which Western Australians are famous.
He loves nothing more than spending quality time with his wife and young children, going swimming, visiting parks and the beach and attending football training.

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Gavin, Construction Manager

Pindan’s South West Construction Manager, Gavin Bell, joined the company in 1988 as a leading hand carpenter working in Perth. He worked alongside senior members of the Pindan team over the next six years, developing his skills and experience before relocating his young family to Busselton in 1996 to take on the role of site manager for a number of Pindan’s South West projects. Gavin took over the role of South West Construction Manager when long-standing employee of 24 years, Ernie Turpin, announced his retirement. Reflecting on his time with Pindan, Gavin describes the company as ‘one big family’ that has ‘grown significantly over the years’.

“When I first started with Pindan, everybody knew each other,” Gavin said.

“Although we’ve grown considerably in size, there’s still that sense of a close-knit team. We have an open line of communication to senior management and the bosses are very approachable, which is great.”
Gavin, Construction Manager
“Working with Pindan for the last 25 years has certainly been rewarding. The variety of work and room for professional growth has kept it interesting, and my family and I are very happy and settled living in the South West.
“Pindan has established a firm presence in this region, particularly over the last few years, in which we’ve undertaken work for both of the local schools that my children attend.
“I’ve had the pleasure of working alongside some fantastic people over the years.”

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