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BA & TJ Mouritz

It’s been more than 20 years since metal deck roofer Barry Mouritz began working for Pindan, helping to complete the first construction project for the group in WA’s south west – the expansion of Margaret River Senior High School in 1996. Since then the team at BA & TJ Mouritz has completed countless projects for Pindan including recent works at Kalgoorlie Boulder Community High School and Curtin University Accommodation in Kalgoorlie, many stages of St Mary MacKillop College in Busselton; Cape Care in Busselton and Dunsborough Primary School. Barry has been in business for 40 years and the company has been based in the Busselton/Dunsborough area since 1995.

Offering a range of metal roofing services for commercial, government, industrial and private clients, Barry says he is backed by a team of highly skilled sub-contractors, many of whom have worked with him for 15 to 20 years, including his son, Nathan, who also has his own roofing business.
“We are proud to have an experienced crew, have been in the game for many years and try to work to the best of our ability with clients,” Barry said when asked about the company’s longrunning success.
Barry adds that it has been a pleasure working with Pindan for so long.

“We have contracted to Pindan for two decades and have found them to be very well organised, with good supervisors, and are a good company to deal with.”
Barry Mouritz, Owner, BA & TJ Mouritz
South West Construction Manager for Pindan, Gavin Bell, says the feeling is mutual.
“Barry’s extensive experience has been of great assistance to us as he is always willing to raise any potential design issues early to avoid any problems that may arise later,” he said.
“Word on how ‘super’ Barry is must have travelled as BA & TJ Mouritz have also worked on a number of projects for Pindan in the north west too.
Gavin says Barry’s exceptional craftsmanship is evident in the small details, such as the time he was installing costly
Zinc cladding panels for Pindan at The Shack, a private coastal residence.
“The panels were pressed in Perth and then folded and bent on site,” Gavin said.
“Barry purchased a small bending machine to use on site to help ensure the material – made up of 97 per cent Zinc – was installed correctly as it is extremely expensive.”

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Italsteel WA

Complex and large steel fabrication projects have long been tackled with gusto by Italsteel WA. The family owned and run business has worked with Pindan for the past 15 years, forging a strong partnership on countless projects including the Karratha Senior High School and Swire Oilfields, the Pundulmurra Health and Training Centre and Kingsway Christian College. Founder Alex Gismondi and his sons, Steve and Fabio, have been committed to a tradition of friendly and reliable service – matched with quality fabrication – for 37 years. Based in Welshpool, Italsteel is recognised as a leader in its field and names Pindan as one of its most important clients, as well as engineering firms and both the WA and Commonwealth governments.

A team of 40 workshop staff and 12 support/managerial staff has successfully delivered about 2,800 construction and engineering projects, ranging from retail centres and government buildings to defence contracts.
While preferring to keep the secrets of their success close to his chest, General Manager Peter Goulios said Italsteel was proud to have a record of excellent staff retention.
“This is unprecedented in our industry and as a result, the knowledge, experience and practices we follow at Italsteel set us apart from our competitors,” he said.
“We also really value our reputation for fostering long-term relationships with clients and suppliers.”

"Italsteel’s alliance with Pindan has gone from strength to strength, particularly during the past six years, allowing the companies to successfully deliver project after project together.”
Peter Goulios, General Manager, Italsteel
“Culture and fit in an organisation is really important to us,” he said.
“We have found that from the top at Pindan – the Directors, Estimators and Construction Managers to the Project Managers, Contract Administrators, Site Managers and Supervisors – all staff have been polite and professional.”
Peter said Pindan and Italsteel also shared a common goal in regard to best practice delivery of a project.
“This is really important to a subcontractor,” he added. “If I can liken it to needing a very basic ingredient such as flour when baking a cake – it just won’t work if you don’t have the essential ingredient from the beginning.”
The opportunity to share a few laughs and jokes was another vital ingredient, he said.
“Quite often it is a rugby joke, a soccer joke or a footy joke,” he said. “Remember, many of us in this great industry are Europeans so you can’t help but have a joke and laugh on Monday!
“Pindan has a number of really good people with whom we enjoy working and who help make the effort and commitment to pricing, winning and delivering jobs, mutually rewarding and satisfying.”

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Coastal Ceilings

Coastal Ceilings has been supplying and installing high quality wall and ceiling systems to Pindan for more than 20 years. It’s a family affair for Managing Directors – and brothers – Carl and Mark Negri, who oversee the company that was established by their father in 1980. From its early days servicing the Rockingham and Mandurah areas, Coastal Ceilings has grown to employ 30 staff and more than 100 sub-contractors. With a focus on supplying the best raw materials and excellent standards of quality and craftsmanship, the company now offers four industry-specific divisions – Metrex (commercial), Coastal Ceilings (housing), Renov8 Ceilings (assisting renovators) and Class Ceilings (high-end housing).

During the past two decades, Coastal Ceilings has carried out countless wall and ceiling installations for Pindan’s commercial divisions as well as Pindan’s residential housing business, Pindan Homes.
North One Subiaco, Governor Stirling Senior High School, the Midland Super Clinic and the Maylands Multipurpose Centre, The Rise, are among Pindan projects successfully completed by the Rockingham-based company.
Staff have also rolled up their sleeves to help Pindan build past charity homes.
Carl said years of working together had allowed staff from both companies to foster mutually-beneficial working relationships.
“Pindan has a very capable and stable group of senior management, project management and administrative staff,” he said.

“This stability enables us to develop good relationships over time and makes it easier to get on with the job because everyone knows what to expect.”
Carl Negri, Managing Director, Coastal Ceilings

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Furniture Design Studio

From naval barracks, college dormitories, hospitals and schools, to upmarket apartments and quality homes in Perth’s most sought after locations, Furniture Design Studio has been creating quality custom cabinets for 22 years. Having earned a reputation for high quality workmanship, the Osborne Park business, run by Director Joe Renel and a team of specialised cabinet makers, has been a preferred supplier to Pindan since 1997. Joe said the company had delivered a variety of projects for Pindan in recent years including the design, construction and installation of 60 dormitories at Campbell Barracks in Swanbourne, 260 dormitories at HMAS Stirling on Garden Island, and 45 luxury apartments at Leighton Beach.

“We have a great working relationship with Pindan, which began 17 years ago with the first apartments we fitted out in Subiaco,” he said.
“At St Catherine’s College in Nedlands, we were asked to produce working drawings to build and fit cabinets for 250 dormitories, the reception area, feature walls throughout the building and the Head of College’s Tenancy all within Pindan’s tight deadline.”
Joe said Pindan lived up to its motto, ‘Building on Partnerships’ because it treated preferred trades people as partners.

“By keeping as many experienced trades together from site to site when possible, we get to know one another and learn to understand each other’s requirements. This helps us to work as a unified team which ultimately results in the best possible outcome for a project.”
Joe Renel, Director, Furniture Design Studio

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XL Precast

XL Precast is a leader in the manufacture of precast concrete, operating from factories across Australia in Perth, Sydney, Brisbane and Townsville. The Perth-based team has worked with Pindan for two years, providing high-quality precast concrete walls for a number of Pindan’s construction projects, including new student accommodation for St Catherine’s College at the UWA campus in Nedlands, and LEAP 2 accommodation facilities for HMAS Stirling at Garden Island, and the Special Air Services Regiment at Campbell Barracks in Swanbourne. Michael Pappalardo - Manager of XL Precast’s Perth division - said that working with Pindan has always been rewarding given its specific and firm requirements, and the team’s practical and cooperative attitude.

“We’ve formed a great working relationship with Pindan. We understand Pindan’s expectations and we’re able to deliver.

“We provide a lot of input in the early stages of a tender process to assist Pindan in providing an accurate estimation to potential clients, which translates to time and cost savings for that project.”
Michael Pappalardo, Manager, XL Precast Perth
“To know that we’ve helped Pindan achieve its reputation as one of the leading construction companies in WA is great. It’s a partnership we’re extremely proud to be a part of.”

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Karratha Earthmoving & Sand Supplies

Karratha Earthmoving & Sand Supplies has been working with Pindan since its expansion into Karratha, supplying materials for sub-divisions across many of Pindan’s Karratha-based projects and developments. Karratha Earthmoving & Sand Supplies Managing Director, Vaughan Corps, said Pindan is a great company to work with, acknowledging the strong partnership the two companies have formed.

“We’ve worked with Pindan for a number of years now and we have a good understanding of what they need and how they work.”
Vaughan Corps, Managing Director, Karratha Earthmoving

“Equally they know what we can offer and how we work - which is important to ensure expectations and standards are met,” he added.
“Pindan’s reputation is built on its ability to deliver to a consistently high standard, on time and to budget. We value that commitment and will continue to do our part to support it,” he continued.

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Iron Design Roofing

Willeton based Iron Design Roofing has worked substantially with Pindan Homes, providing supply and install for metal roofing to new homes, as well as with Pindan construction projects, including the Q-Central resort-style development in Queens Park and Water’s Edge in Viveash. The above-and-beyond level of service Iron Design offers, assisting with roofing design and estimating, troubleshooting in the design phase, and generally ensuring the smoothest possible construction process, has provided beneficial outcomes in these projects. Iron Design Owner and Director, Dwayne Bourne, said Pindan is a great company to work with.

“I get on really well with the people at Pindan.”
Dwayne Bourne, Owner & Director, Iron Design Roofing

“I’ve always found them to be among the most conscientious and professional people in the industry,” he Dwayne.
Dwayne says his company’s new MasterWall product, a polystyrene cladding system for thermal efficiency especially suited to north-west housing construction, provides future opportunities to build the partnership.
“Pindan has shown a lot of support for our business over  the years,” said Dwayne. “The Pindan motto is Building on Partnerships, and that’s something we’ve definitely done very strongly over the years and look forward to continuing.”

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