Framecad & Mega Anchors

Framecad & Mega Anchors


Pindan have a FRAMECAD® machine on site at our Perth and Pilbara-based facility, manufacturing wall frames and roof trusses for commercial and residential buildings.


FRAMECAD® is a world leader in delivering end-to-end factory enablement for cold formed steel construction solutions. FRAMECAD® technology and manufacturing cold-formed steel systems can be confidently used for buildings anywhere in the world because they have been independently certified by the world’s most recognised quality assurance systems and organisations.

FRAMECAD® heavy-duty manufacturing equipment is engineered for fast, high volume production of cold-form steel framing, with accuracy that is determined by the system, not the skill level of factory workers or onsite assemblers.

It allows complete buildings of all kinds to be to be built rapidly from just one steel profile, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste to less than 1%.

All components are produced to an accuracy of +/- 0.5mm ensuring the steel framing is precise and the structure can be built 100% to plan. All holes for fasteners and services are pre-punched to facilitate quick onsite assembly and to reduce labour costs.

The FRAMECAD® systems have been proven in design and build projects around the world; in differing climates, extreme conditions and remote locations. The technology has been developed to be simple, economical to operate and above all, 100% reliable.

Typical applications include:
•             Residential, commercial and industrial construction
•             Workforce accommodation
•             Roof truss production
•             Portable and modular buildings

mega anchors

A better system of footings for commercial and residential buildings. Mega Anchors are designed to suit any type of construction: commercial, domestic, single and multi-story buildings and can be used on all types of ground (class A, S, M, H, E and P).

The Mega Anchor is an all-steel mini piling system that outperforms and is far superior to conventional footing systems.

Using both the Mega Anchor frame configuration and friction piles to secure the foundation in the ground, Mega Anchors replace traditional poured concrete and reinforced steel foundations, resulting in saved time and increased profits.

They are designed to withstand the harshest environments and weather conditions, with their geometric configuration and flexible construction performing brilliantly in cyclones, floods and earthquakes.

Advantages of the Mega Anchor include:
  • Cost effective solution to construction challenges
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Alternative to traditional foundation
  • Requires no earthworks or concrete, ideal for steep sloping sites
  • All weather, all terrain, anywhere
  • Minimal site preparation and disturbance
  • No need for heavy machinery
  • Full load bearing immediately after installation
  •  Light weight and easily transported
  • Non combustible, will not rot, warp or shrink
  • Impervious to termites

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