Respect & Fairness

We are an equal opportunity employer, recognising that it’s essential our team celebrates diversity and that staff are treated fairly, equally and with respect. This important part of our culture also applies to everyone we come into contact with at Pindan.

Our team members, those who are seeking to join us and those who work alongside us as consultants or clients, are always treated on their merits. Our diverse workplace is proudly free of discrimination or harassment; performance and merit are our key drivers.

As an equal opportunity employer all employees are treated equally, fairly and with respect. Diversity is encouraged and welcomed at Pindan. As a collective mixture of differences and similarities our diversity is not limited to function, experience, discipline, education, social economic background, marital status, gender, age, language, ethnicity, culture, religion and family responsibility.

Our employees have the right to be treated equitably and without harassment and we instill our employees with the responsibility to respect the rights of fellow employees, promoting the achievement of equal opportunity.

At Pindan, we proactively promote Indigenous employment and provide mentorship to fledging Indigenous businesses in multi-skilled enterprises. Many of our projects in remote areas far exceed the 20% Indigenous labour component required.

Pindan offers exciting opportunities for enthusiastic people wishing to develop their skills in the construction and property industry, view our current vacancies here.

Feature partnership

“Pindan gave me a shot at running my own work and I am very thankful for the opportunities they have provided Wirra Wirr.” Jade Barnes, Managing Director, Wirra Wirr Construction

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