Visit any Pindan work site and you’ll find it operates like a well-oiled machine. That’s due in no small part to our team’s ongoing investment in refining our quality, safety and environmental systems, ensuring everything and everyone at Pindan meets or exceeds all industry standards and regulations.

We will:
• Take personal responsibility for our own health and safety at work
• Take active steps to look after the health and safety of our colleagues, customers and communities
• Actively support and commit to a “No Harm Culture”

The Pindan Group of BUILD businesses include Pindan Constructions, Pindan Contracting, Pindan Projects and Pindan Asset Management.

Pindan is a registered Builder in WA, NSW, NT and SA, and holds the following:

  • Pre-qualification with the Department of Finance to Financial Level 5 – $50 million, Technical Level Complex in WA; and Contractor Accreditation Ltd (CAL) Financial Level – $50 million in NT
  • Pre-qualification with the NSW State Government for Projects valued above $10 million – SCM1461 Contractor Pre-qualification and Best Practice Accreditation Scheme 2015-2017 for Construction and Related Work Valued $1M and Over
  • AS4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Accreditation
  • ISO14001:2015 Environmental Management System Accreditation
  • ISO9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Accreditation
  • Additionally, Pindan Contracting holds the following:
  • Australian Government Building and Construction WHS Accreditation (0214)


ACP Policy 2020 – 261kb

Anti Harassment Policy 2020 – 281kb

Drug & Alcohol Policy 2020 – 156kb

Health Safety Environment Policy 2020 – 156kb

HSE Consultation Statement 2020 – 535kb

Injury Management & Return to Work Policy 2020 – 242kb

Integrated Management Policy 2020 – 202kb

Noise Control Policy 2020 – 324kb

Quality Policy 2020 – 221kb

Smoke Free Policy 2020 – 371kb

Ultra Violet Radiation Sunlight Policy 2020 – 357kb

Young Worker Policy 2020 – 294kb

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