Design and Construct. It’s our specialty.

Innovative ways to improve, refine and streamline projects

Our in-house design management, construction engineering, construction programming and cost-planning capabilities mean that, at Pindan, we can value-add to your project from the outset. Indeed, that’s where our renowned Design & Construct (D&C) and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) expertise can make all the difference to your success.

With greater frequency, an increasing number of our clients, architectural and engineering partners are collaborating with our dedicated in-house design and construction team to find innovative ways to increase cost-efficiency and streamline their projects.

Since 2008, we’ve been awarded Design & Construct (D&C) and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) contracts worth more than A$2.1 billion, allowing us to bring an abundance of experience to future projects of all types and scales.

Pindan’s Early Contractor Involvement offering ensures design efficiency and provides continual value management recommendations to deliver projects on budget and to program.

In search of the best value outcome, we investigate everything from alternative structural systems, construction methodologies, and material selections, through to mitigating risk by flagging potential construction or compliance issues.

In short, our D&C and ECI input provides peace of mind that your project will be planned, documented and realised as efficiently and completely as possible, providing certainty around costs, program and quality, thanks to our fixed-budget commitment.

“We have worked in consultation with the client to engineer a facility that represents value, ensures buildability and has mitigated construction risk of what is a highly specialised area of construction.”

James Allingame, Pre-Contracts Manager, Pindan

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