Major civil infrastructure is part of our repertoire.

Pindan is one of few property development and construction groups that can boast it has construction capabilities encompassing the design and construction of major civil infrastructure such as bridges, airports, ports and marine structures and non-process infrastructure.

We not only have the capabilities to do this, we also have a strong track record in the area.

Because we’re able to integrate the planning, development and construction of major civil works, community facilities and pivotal infrastructure into any project, we have the ability to build entire communities, even in regional and remote areas.

Subdivision & civils

For clients familiar with the breadth and depth of our construction capabilities, it will come as no surprise that at Pindan we’re equipped to tackle even the most challenging subdivision and civil works construction projects .

Well versed in constructing everything from residential infill estates and apartments through to community facilities and major infrastructure construction projects,  it stands to reason that we’re expertly placed to manage the construction of subdivisions,

as well as all the civil works that underpin larger, community-scale projects.

In fact, our clients enjoy the tangible edge that comes from our construction team’s ability to seamlessly integrate subdivision and civil works into any project. The rewards are reaped through minimising timeframes and reducing costs and this specialty also enables us to effectively fast-track the concept-to-completion journey without compromising quality.

Mining Infrastructure & villages 

When it comes to mining operations and providing accommodation for mine workers, we have stepped into a new era. Mining accommodation and work camps are often critical to the success of the overall operations, particularly in relation to remote Australian mining projects.

Our knowledge in this field is a key motivator for many mining organisations who see the power of tapping into our remote mining camp expertise to deliver accommodation and facilities that will not only attract and retain the best workers, but minimise long-term running costs.

We’ve designed and constructed mining work camps that provide ‘home away from home’ accommodation for FIFO workers.

What’s more, we’ve built these in some of the most far-flung, inhospitable environments, overseeing and driving every aspect of every project, from civil works through to designing and installing modular or steel-frame accommodation.

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