About Pindan Capital

About Pindan Capital

Widely respected in the industry for the way the Pindan Group has continually grown and evolved with Australia's changing property development landscape, establishing our Pindan Capital business has been a natural progression.

With offices throughout Australia, we connect Australian and international investors with a range of opportunities, from our billion-dollar pipeline of developments to income-generating core investment assets.

Pindan Capital and our key shareholder, Oxley Holdings Ltd, co-invest in property developments, ensuring our interests are closely aligned with our external investment and joint venture partners.

With the added benefit of in-house development management expertise and a dedicated 'design & construct' service to bring projects to fruition, Pindan Capital is a crucial element in building successful property partnerships at Pindan.

We're backed by industry giants

About the Pindan Group

The Pindan Group is firmly established as one of Australia's leading property and construction companies, employing around 400 staff and delivering an integrated range of services. These services span the construction, property development, property investment and management spectrum, including capital raising and managed property investment funds.

With an annual turnover in the order of AUD$400 million, Pindan is the largest multi-unit and semi-detached dwelling builder in Western Australia and among the 35 largest commercial construction companies in Australia. It is therefore reassuring for property investment clients to know that Pindan is itself a major co-investor in Pindan Capital’s development and investment opportunities.

About Oxley Holdings Ltd

In 2016, international property group Oxley Holdings Ltd recognised Pindan as an industry leader in Australia and became a key shareholder in the Group. Through this financial partnership, Pindan has become an industry powerhouse, combining decades of local industry experience with the capital and proven investment record to deliver major projects.

Based in Singapore, Oxley boasts a diversified portfolio including property development, investment and project management. Oxley is listed on the Singaporean stock exchange and has a market capitalisation over SGP$1.7billion. Oxley currently has a business presence across nine geographical markets, including Singapore, the UK, Ireland, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan, Myanmar and now, through our partnership, Australia. Oxley is also a major co-investor in Pindan Capital’s development opportunities.

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