Retirement living vs aged care

What’s better for over 50s active lifestyles?

So, you’ve reached that exciting stage in your life when you get to explore your retirement options. Time to downsize your home and upsize your lifestyle.
You’ve already started looking, and have settled on some non-negotiables. It’s got to be low maintenance. And in a safe area too, close to the all the things you love. Then someone suggests moving to a retirement village… What, a nursing home? No thanks!
Truth is, retirement living is nothing like living in a nursing home. Chances are you’re thinking of aged care living – an entirely different option altogether. Don’t worry, it’s an easy mistake to make. From the outside, retirement villages and aged care facilities both have mature residents, landscaped gardens and communal facilities. But that’s where the similarities end!
Let’s see how they match up on four key criteria.

Independence vs Dependence
Aged care facilities are designed for those who cannot live alone and need daily personal assistance, making them a good choice if you require help with daily activities such as laundry and cleaning, personal care, meals and medication. On the other hand, retirement villages are designed for active people aged 55 or over that are able to live independently and want to maintain their busy, social lifestyles.
Structure vs Choice
Because aged care residents need 24/7 assistance, their days are more structured, with meals often scheduled at regular times and support services throughout the day to cater to individual needs. With retirement living it’s all about choice - what you do from sun up till sundown is up to you. You choose when you want to join friends in the village restaurants, swimming pool or clubhouse. You choose when you head out on social outings with friends and neighbours. And you choose when you lock up your home, hitch up the caravan and explore new horizon.
Group vs Individuality
The aged care system is set up in a way that requires you to purchase a room (bed) within a facility. That restrictive arrangement is a far cry from having a home to call your own, which is exactly what retirement living offers. You usually have a range of options available too (from single and two storey villas to modern apartments). You’re also free to style and decorate it just the way you like it. And because you own or lease your home, you can invite guests to stay over whenever you feel like it (perfect for visiting family over Christmas and other holidays).
Support vs Security
If you need round-the-clock emergency care, a nursing home is for you. They’re designed to offer support on demand for a broad range of health-related needs, meaning you’ll have staff constantly checking on you. While a few retirement villages do offer care services, their main care concern comes in the form of security or emergency care. As a gated community, you’ll generally be left alone to do your own thing in the knowledge that you’re surrounded by like-minded people who look out for each other.
Find your freedom at Haven Ridgewood
Want to enjoy a vibrant, active retirement today, in a home of your own, all the while keeping one eye on the future? Haven Ridgewood offers the best of both worlds – with all the benefits but none of the restrictions of village or aged care living.
Pindan has partnered with Southern Cross Care (WA) to deliver a future-focused lifestyle community that gives you the freedom to live a healthy, socially connected lifestyle. You can keep your financial independence too, with freehold (green titled) house and land packages starting from $269,000. No monthly fees and no deferred fees. And with an innovative Next Generation Health and Wellness Hub set to be built adjacent to Haven, you’ll enjoy convenient access to next generation aged care and health services in your own home, when and if you need them.
So if you want to dynamic lifestyle today, with the peace of mind knowing your changing health needs will be catered to down the track, Haven is the sanctuary you’ve been looking for.

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