Enhance your balcony with these 5 design ideas

Apartment living is the new Australian dream, with more residents forgoing the traditional home and backyard in favour of a modern, connected lifestyle within a cosmopolitan locale.

This new era of urban living has encouraged many to get creative and truly personalise their space. The next wave is all about finding new and inventive ways to transform balconies and courtyards into vibrant social spaces and lush oases that can be used all year round.

“In Australia we are lucky to have great weather for a large percentage of the year, allowing us to spend more time outside,” says Pindan Development Manager, Michael Brown.

“There are so many ways to reimagine apartment balconies into modern, on-trend outdoor havens that seamlessly integrate and extend your internal living spaces.”

Here are Pindan’s tips for enhancing your balcony space.

1. Define your balcony’s identity. Will it be an extension of your living room? An outdoor kitchen? Chill out zone, reading nook, home office – the purpose you give it will guide every styling choice you make.

2. Take design cues from inside your apartment. By mimicking the colour palette, fabrics and furniture, you’ll blur the line between inside and out to create the illusion of a larger living space. Even smaller details like a well-chosen outdoor rug or runner work wonders.

3. Greenify your balcony. You may have given up the needy garden, but it’s easy to create your own urban oasis. Vertical herb walls create living, breathing privacy screens, while planter boxes with succulents and palms make bold style statements.

4. Choose space efficient furnishing. Folding furniture frees up standing room when not in use, while bench seats that slide neatly under the table are a clever compromise. If entertaining isn’t a high priority, a small circular table will suffice for your morning coffee.

5. Set the mood with trendy feature lighting. Vintage festoon string lights, outdoor floor lamps and Moroccan-inspired lanterns are in vogue, while handcrafted candles create low-key ambience.

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