How to enhance your Beachside Apartment with these Coastal elements

Top Tips for coastal living

If the words “Coastal vibe” make your skin prickle and you have an automated cringe response, fear not you are not alone!

For years, beachside apartments harboured a bad reputation reminiscent of outdated blues, ‘Eat, Sleep, Beach’ pillows and faded shell décor instead of the relaxed, easy-going and tranquil reaction you get being close to the sea, surf and sand. 

To break the infamy and return the honour to Beach Vibe style we selected our top 3 tips for decorating your new Coastal abode at Plaza Central.

1. Go natural

Replicate that casual Oceanside spirit with natural fibres, raw timbers, rattan chairs & wicker baskets. Get inspired by this quirky rattan shelf, which captures that distinctive look and feel. All things earthy are a go!

Channel authentic textures, mix them with woven textiles and even some good old DIY to bring out that coastline uniqueness. Spend a day out collecting shells, branches and greenery and have fun with combinations to achieve that carefree organic look.

Look for custom, timeless pieces for your home like this rustic coffee table & top it off with some wicker baskets to complete the look.

If a simple yet edgy look is more suited to your style, check out the Temple and Webster pallet Wood Bed Frame and complete the island feel with these subtle wave-like patterns.

2. Keep it simple

Less is more! This is certainly true when it comes to replicating the beach house vibe.

If your basics, such as sofas and beds, stay neutral it gives you a chance to experiment and play with the more fun elements like curtains, throw rugs, lamps and colours.

A statement piece is also a great alternative. You could pick some oversized pendant lights, creating the softness of a peaceful summer evening after a long hot day. Continue with the wicker theme or change it up and add a rougher surface or you can always introduce an art piece to your accent wall. Welcome calm with this flowing dune grass image or convey excitement with a more eclectic piece.

3. Embrace the (right) colour

We promised this article would not mention the 50 shades of blue but hear us out!
If used wisely, the right kind of blue can deliver exactly what your new home needs to bring that salty ocean freshness indoors.

In combination with natural linens, light-toned furniture and a variety of textures, the blues can complement and even elevate a space. The soft shades of teal, delicate aqua and bohemian turquoise mirror those natural colours you see outside your window.

Light up your evenings with a fabulous sea-themed bedside lamp, add some unique shapes with this decorative flower vase and present some structure with a subtle blue framed mirror. You can also always swap some of the smaller neutral pieces for bolder unique items like this ottoman, sure to draw attention!  

All in all, the Coastal theme is the new black (again) and we’re all for it! Whether you choose to keep it simple or raise the bar with some unorthodox features, a beachside lifestyle is sure to bring you joy both inside and outside your window.

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