New Year, New You

Why apartment living could unlock a healthier lifestyle

After a challenging year where health and wellbeing became our everything, many of us are taking the opportunity to reinvent our lifestyles in the New Year. So, it begs the question – can apartment living help put those plans into action?

Whether you’re moving out from home for the first time, graduating from a share house or downsizing from a larger home, apartment living provides a great opportunity to get fitter, eat better and book out your social calendar. At Indigo and Viridian China Green in Subiaco, everything is set up for you to make reinvigorating your mind, body and soul a natural daily habit in 2021.

Get fit, step by step

Finding a fitter and more active you can be as simple as fitting a workout into your daily routine. At Indigo, the rooftop bar is an easy elevator ride away – but find your fit and take the five flights of stairs (in some cases) up instead. And seeing as taking the stairs can get your heart rate up fast, spending the evening watching the sun set with friends could be the motivation you need to burn those holiday calories!

Finding thirty is easy – walking up flights of stairs is an effective workout for your quads, glutes, hamstrings and calf muscles. By exercising on an incline your hip flexors work harder to lift your knees higher, your abdomen contracts to keep your body upright and there is greater resistance on your buttocks and legs as you push your body upwards. In fact, a stairs workout boosts your heart rate a lot more than if you were to do the same workout on a level surface.

Once you’ve found the apartment that’s right for you, try this stairs workout and start reaping the benefits.

More running (out of excuses!)

If you’ve ever held a gym membership, you’ll probably know how hard it can be to work in weekly workouts into your busy city lifestyle. Fear not, at Indigo or Viridian you’ll have a gym just a short walk from your bed, making it effortless to fit in a session after work or in between uni lectures.

Think of it as a free gym membership that might save you on average about $85 a month that could go towards your new Subi lifestyle. Or if you need that extra motivation to crush those calories, why not make the most of your apartment gym by hiring a Personal Trainer that comes to you? They can design a program around your goals to really get your New Year plans into gear.

Eat, meet, play, repeat

Your new apartment in Subiaco places you right at the heart of parks, shops and recreation centres – the perfect launchpad to keep active, meet new people and grow your social network. At Indigo and Viridian, you’ll have likeminded neighbours close by. Whether it’s a casual hello in the hall, or meeting up for dinner parties on the rooftop bar, apartment living can be a great way to develop new long-term relationships.

You’ll also have beautiful parkland for a backyard. Head out to Subiaco Common to make the most of those days with beautiful weather and escape for a walk among the shady trees, take a lunch break at the lake, or steal a quiet moment reading in the gardens. Lords Recreation Centre is next door, where you can sign up for social sports and swimming classes. And let’s not forget that Subi is so close to the city that you can walk into the CBD to explore.

Refresh your menu

If you’ve been living with roommates, you’ll know that eating healthily can be a challenge. Sometimes it feels like you just don’t have the time, money or space to cook, leading to an overreliance on takeaway and dining out that makes it harder to keep control of your nutritional needs. And when you factor in that food delivery can sometimes take longer than whipping up a healthy, delicious meal, it’s hard to go past the nutritional and financial benefits of cooking more at home.

At Indigo and Viridian, you’ll have your own gourmet kitchen finished with modern appliances that inspire you to instil better healthy eating habits. Invite your friends or neighbours around to cook up a storm with the freshest ingredients (maybe from Growers Lane or Subi Farmers Market!) and enjoy the benefits of knowing exactly what you’re putting in your body, every day. And of course, Subi’s amazing cafes and restaurants will always be there for your cheat day (or two!).

Ready to reinvent your lifestyle in 2021? Indigo and Viridian apartments are now selling from just $329,000. Learn more here.

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