Pindan Wins Remote Housing Contract

Belmont-based building company Pindan has been selected to complete the first stage of a $23.8 million government project upgrading infrastructure for a remote Aboriginal community in Western Australia’s Great Victoria Desert.

The project comprises the replacement of 18 existing properties along with building four new homes for the community of Tjuntjuntjara, located 700 kilometres north-east of Kalgoorlie.

Improving the community’s drinking water, sewage treatment and power supply is also part of the project.
Funding for the housing installation will come from a remote housing agreement between the state and federal governments with an $8.8 million contribution, while $15 million has been allocated to improve the community’s essential services infrastructure.
Completion of work on the effluent and treatment systems is expected by the end of 2018.
Housing Minister Peter Tinley said the upgrades would improve living standards.

These latest upgrades, one of the single biggest investments in a remote community in WA, aim to greatly improve living standards for locals who have experienced hardship in the past due to water shortages and limited infrastructure capacity.

Peter Tinley, Housing Minister

“Importantly, these works will also offer employment opportunities with an Aboriginal business engagement target of 30 per cent and an Aboriginal employment target for construction and essential service upgrades of 45 per cent.”

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