Thinking Outside the Box

In today’s volatile economic climate, the ability to adapt and respond to changing market conditions is essential.

This was the view of Pindan Homes Modular Operations Manager Paul Rintoul when he spoke to New Homes about the builder’s range of modular buildings and pods, which provide flexibility and created solutions to changing needs.

Pindan’s modular solutions are built in a facility in Perth, and can be transported statewide, offering a quality alternative to traditional construction methods.

“These are ‘out of the box’ solutions,” Mr Rintoul said.

“Coupled with a quality controlled local manufacturing facility, reductions in construction time and finishing costs, more developers are looking towards our modular products and service.”

Pindan Homes has a range of modular home designs that are great for the changing needs of a family, and its latest display – The Avon, a five-bedroom design with a central fireplace and separate theatre.

The company has also released a range of modular buildings ideal as offices, classrooms, staff quarters and commercial applications, but it is the new modular ‘pods’, such as bathroom pods, that Mr Rintoul was most excited about.


The designs are affordable, easy to install and offer efficiencies in construction timing and a reduction in the number of trades required on-site, so they are ideal for commercial and regional accommodation applications,

Paul Rintoul

“We offer a complete design and construct service and customised for each project’s individual requirements.

“Being a locally based company enables this customisation and benefits from regular inspections from the client to ensure all needs (and wants) are met prior to installation.”

One of the biggest advantages of building the pods off-site is the alleviation of restrictions regarding lay down areas, limited storage space or parking for suppliers and trades, which is a big advantage, especially for high-density, city-based constructions.

Mr Rintoul said the possibilities for these designs were endless, with everything from aged care facilities, student and worker accommodation, offices and wet rooms for regional WA using modular framework due to the operational efficiencies.

“The quality of our modular buildings is as high as our permanent structures,” he said.

“They are architecturally designed and constructed under all relevant Australian standards, so we can stand behind the quality of locally sourced and produced materials.

“Each pod or modular building is delivered to site with all services already hardwired into the structure and where required are cyclone ready for more tropical clients and safe for severe cyclonic regions of WA.”

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