Your essential guide to furnishing your first home

Bought your first home? Now’s the fun part – decking it out with furniture that reflects your unique style. But where do you start? Moreover, how do you stick to a budget without resorting to the cheap ‘throwaway’ furnishings you used when renting?

New home means new you; we’ve put together a quick guide to buying furniture for your first home – what to get, where to get it, and how to save big.


Let’s start with the essentials – those large, weight-bearing furniture purchases that require the most financial, time and emotional investment to ensure you buy timeless, well-built quality pieces that aren’t going to fall apart on housewarming night.


If you’re going to drop a bit of money on something, make it your bed. Remember – this is the one piece of furniture you spend around eight hours on, almost every single day. So, look for the most comfortable, quality bed you can afford, taking into account everything from style to size, materials and mattress firmness. This Toronto King Bed has a relaxed coastal feel & sturdy design that would look great in most modern first homes.

With your master sorted, investing in at least one guest bed is a smart idea – you never know when friends and family will come a knocking. As this piece is unlikely to be used as frequently, you can get away with anything from a low-cost ensemble to a living room sofa bed. If you really need to save space, try this gas lift storage bed. The bed frame incorporates a strong sturdy gas lift system which provides the added convenience of storage below the mattress. We recommend a ‘two-for-one’ option – something that can double as storage and a bed, or a comfy lounge and a bed, it’s a win-win!


Coming in a close second is your sofa. Netflix binge fests, Friday night footy, lazy, rainy Sundays – curling up on the couch has become one of our favourite home pastimes. Be sure to invest in a stylish sofa with a quality hardwood or steel frame and durable upholstery so you won’t be revisiting the furniture store every few years.

Look for a design that not only fits your new home space but also how you use it. Are you a sitter? A curler? A sleeper? A sloucher? There are loads of design options, from chaise lounges, to recliners, sectionals, futons and more. For those who love to entertain, we love this big 5-seater modular sofa. If space is a little on the tighter side, try this stylish compact two seater that’s perfect for singles or couples enjoying apartment living.


For many, buying a first home also coincides with moving out for the first time. Finally, a space of your own to master your cooking skills and hold epic dinner parties. That makes your dining setting a big furniture must-have.

The trick with dining settings is to find the one that makes the best use of your space and needs. This compact three seater is ideal for first home or apartment owners who spend more time eating on the sofa or dining out. For those who love entertaining (and have the living space and budget), we love this retro seven-piece. Blown your budget on your bed and sofa? Many first home buyers use stylish floor-length tablecloths to disguise basic tables until they can afford their dream piece.


Now that you’ve ticked off your essential furniture pieces, you can move onto the support acts. As these are smaller, non-weight bearing or decorative pieces, you can get away with spending a little less now with the plan of upgrading at a later date when you can afford it or find something you really love.


Most new homes will come with built in robes, but even if your bedroom storage is sorted, there’s still a place for versatile wardrobes and chest of drawers to store everything from scarves, gloves and hats, to linen, boardgames and office supplies in a hallway or spare room. For the ultimate master suite, go for a wardrobe like this mirror wardrobe with sliding doors. Or for those with smaller bedrooms or compact living spaces, go for a compact six drawer piece.


Coffee tables add a stylish addition to living spaces while doubling as versatile storage for items like magazines, books and glassware, like this stylish piece. Apartment buyers often opt for clever designs that blend style with space-saving functionality. This nest of tables can be neatly stored away when not in use and pulled out when entertaining to serve drinks and snacks.


Furnishing your new home can be daunting. So, if you’d rather get it all done in one, why not go for a furniture package that brings together several pieces for the bedroom, living room and office in a coordinated style? For a contemporary design in a crisp white finish, we like this trendy Hamptons furniture package. Or for a more contemporary look, add a touch of Hollywood glamour to your home with this stunning 3 room furniture package featuring a selection of contemporary styled furniture pieces in modern glass and metal finishes.


If your budget is really tight, there are still some great options to get affordable stylish furniture pieces in your home. The “buy nothing” movement has helped first home buyers everywhere avoid expensive furniture purchases by rehoming perfectly good unwanted pieces – for free. It’s also a great way to get to know your local community, as the whole system is based on helping each other out. Many homeowners jump on buy nothing when they have guests staying over for holidays – simply borrow furniture as needed, then return it or regift it when you’re done.

Another option is to ‘upcycle’ old furniture to give it a new life. The trick here is to get your hands on quality vintage pieces at a local garage sale or Facebook Marketplace. With a little sanding, painting, creativity and TLC, you can create seriously upscale furniture for a fraction of the cost you’d pay for new.

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