Guide dog Shadow graduates to be eyes for Jacqui

A vigorous fundraising drive by Pindan, has seen Jacqui Underwood, an employee at Guide Dogs WA, who is vision impaired be partnered with an eager new canine companion – Shadow.

Shadow has been comprehensively trained to become a Guide Dog over the last few years thanks to the sponsorship of Pindan. Over $30,000 was raised by Pindan as part of the construction company’s 2009-2010 charity drive, which included the sale of a charity home and employee fundraising activities.

“Sponsoring Shadow by raising funds for Guide Dogs WA has been one of our most memorable charity drives."
George Allingame, Managing Director, Pindan

Our staff really get behind our chosen charities with sausage sizzles, free dress days and morning teas and being able to see the end result with Jacqui being partnered with Shadow is something we were very excited about,” George Allingame, Managing Director of Pindan said.

Pindan’s staff got the chance to celebrate Jacqui and Shadow’s partnership at their quarterly employee sundowner, held last Friday, 20 June where Jacqui and her loyal companion were the guests of honour.

”Shadow and I have been working together since January this year, and it’s been a journey and learning experience,” said Jacqui from Guide Dogs WA. “We’ve grown together and trust each other, and now we’re working well together.”

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