Brand repositioning showcases expansion and diversification

Our 40 th year has been an opportunity to reposition the Pindan brand to reflect our diversification into a wider range of property activities than was ever envisaged way back in 1977, as well as our expansion across Australia.

The centrepiece of our brand repositioning is to highlight the core message to our market that Pindan can FUND, BUILD, MANAGE all forms of property, no matter whether it is on the West or East coasts. We are now deeply involved in every step of the property cycle with projects that span all sectors.
In the early years, Pindan’s core skills lay solely in construction and undertaking projects for other developers. Over time, we started successfully funding, building and managing property for ourselves and our partners in order to deliver projects that we believed offered great potential and value to our investors and the end purchaser.
The Pindan team is proud that they have developed complementary specialist skills and experience in capital raising and funds management; developing, marketing and selling property; as well as the long-term asset management of completed properties.
George Allingame, Managing Director, believes that it is Pindan’s focus on relationships that has enabled the company to spread its wings and successfully embrace a wider range of property activities.
“Over the years we have been encouraged by many or our clients to expand our activities in order to help them deliver better projects. We have also been approached by many organisations who have wanted to partner with us in identifying and delivering innovative property investments.

“We have seized many of these opportunities as part of our long-term diversification strategy and the result is we have many partnerships where Pindan, our clients or our investors have all given each other a helping hand to become bigger and better players in the property industry.”
George Allingame, Managing Director, Pindan
George said it was time that the growth and diversification of Pindan’s business was recognised in every aspect of its brand, and the focus on FUND, BUILD, MANAGE now succinctly captured the company’s strength and depth.
The brand repositioning has been a great opportunity to update the commercial ‘face’ of our company with a new website and stylish corporate brochure. The new website is structured around the FUND, BUILD, MANAGE themes to explain each part of our business.

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