Generous Donation and Heartfelt Advice to Help Those Living with Cancer

Coogee resident, Natasha Curran, appreciates first-hand the impact an organisation like Cancer Council WA can have.

That’s why she is proud of her colleagues at Pindan who donated $8,250 today to the charity.  

As Pindan’s Junior IT Support Officer, Natasha is at the coalface of the company’s IT Helpdesk, assisting the IT team with hundreds of calls for help each month. But it’s the advice that is close to her heart that she really wants to pass on. 

The 24 year old, who lost her leg to bone cancer (osteosarcoma) last year, urges people to listen to their bodies, seek medical advice when something doesn’t feel right and seek a second opinion if they are not being heard. 

Because she was young and fit, Natasha recounts how she put up with immense pain for many months. Her GP dismissed her symptoms as a self-inflicted injury, most likely sustained at the gym.

I didn’t fit into a high risk category for any illness, let alone cancer
Natasha Curran

“After a few months, the pain was unbearable. By the time I was given a scan, diagnosed and booked in for a femur replacement, the cancer had spread aggressively and the bone snapped while I slept. Unfortunately, it was too late to save my leg and it needed to be amputated above the knee.”

Despite the cards she’s been dealt, Natasha says she refuses to live with regret. 

If my story convinces someone to make that first appointment or ask for a second opinion, then I feel like I’ve done my job
Natasha Curran

Natasha adds that she is extremely proud of her colleagues for raising precious funds for Cancer Council WA – Pindan’s chosen charity since 2017.

The team has raised over $15,000 so far through staff morning teas, raffles and free dress days. All funds were donated directly by staff.

Reflecting on the amazing donation – which will help Cancer Council WA provide financial and emotional support to those in need, in addition to education and research – Natasha urged the whole community to continue to support Cancer Council WA. 

“They do amazing work to help people like me,” she said.

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