Pindan Benefits from Rio Tinto's Local Procurement Programme

Last year Rio Tinto paid almost $7 billion to their 2,500 WA suppliers for their goods and services. Pindan has been awarded a contract to build a new $45 million campsite on Koodaideri, Rio Tinto's new minesite.

Watch how big and small business can thrive together.

Jaco: Hi, my name is Jaco van Staden, I'm the general manager of Pindan Contracting. We do a lot of construction work for Rio Tinto. It's a big project for Pindan. Because it's in relative close proximity to Newman, there will be a lot of local contractors and sub-contractors that we'll be engaging. Michael is a local, indigenous youngster from Rockingham. What a great opportunity for us to put him through a traineeship, open doors for him.
Michael: Howdy, howdy, I'm Michael Ascrizzi and I'm a labourer for Pindan. Kids like me from Karratha or Rockingham, it’s a really great opportunity, love it!
Jaco: We take someone from a labourer and put him through some training and at the end of this project two or three years later, he's a construction professional - and that is extremely satisfying.
Michael: It just proves that it doesn’t matter what you've been put through as a young kid or growing up, at the end of the day if you put your own mind set to it, you can achieve anything really. But when I go up onsite, I'm going to have to get rid of the good old nose ring.

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