Tips for styling your apartment, with Perth Style Co

Styling an apartment space is a little different to styling a home. Whilst some of the same principles apply, it is important to consider scale and use it appropriately in an apartment space.

We sat down with our friends Sara and Kirsten from Perth Style Co to get their advice on styling an apartment and also to chat to them about the interior style trends they expect to see in 2019.
Tip #1: Work with your space.
Apartments come in varying shapes and sizes, so it is important you work with your space.
Too much furniture can quickly take over, turning any apartment into a difficult obstacle course and we certainly don’t want that.
Perth Style Co recommends you focus on the space you are working with to find the right balance between practical purpose and decorative accessories. Be realistic about what will fit in your apartment and how you will function around it.
A great tip is to measure furniture pieces and draw them to scale on a floor plan to see how they fit and if you can move around them easily.
Tip #2: Choose your furniture to fit, and stick to a unified theme
As mentioned above, you need to buy furniture that is right for your space. However, the team from Perth Style Co also recommend you treat the entire apartment as one single space when purchasing furniture and decorative pieces.
Define a theme for your apartment and use that same colour palette from room to room. This really helps avoid the apartment feeling overwhelming and too “busy”.
Tip #3: Invest in pieces that you love
Your home is often the biggest asset you will own, so invest time and money in furniture and décor pieces you love and that reflect your unified style.
Tip #4: Clever storage
Most new apartments have some great storage features but sometimes you might want a little bit more.
Considering furniture pieces that have dual usage in apartments is a great way to get around this. For example, a beautiful ottoman is a clever way to conceal extra storage. 
Tip #5: Layering
The trick with styling an apartment is not to over furnish it, but to still create a space that feels warm – a fine balance!
The team at Perth Style Co recommended layering furniture and accessories to achieve that warm, full look without making it feel cluttered or short on space.
Remember, however, as mentioned in Tip #3, stick to a unified theme.
2019 Trends in Apartment Styling
So what are the hot trends in apartment styling for 2019? Perth Style Co share their Top 3.
#1 Neutral – with layers
As we move into 2019, the team from Perth Style Co are seeing a strong focus on neutral colour schemes which create dimension through layers and texture.
A great example of this are the schemes Perth Style Co have developed for one of our newest apartment developments, Aviva on Broadway, in the riverside suburb of Crawley.

#2 Bold Accents
Another key theme that is emerging in 2019 is the use of bold decorative accents and striking artwork. 
This is a trend that the team at Perth Style Co have always loved and can’t wait to incorporate more of in their designs over the coming months.

#3 Draw inspiration from your surroundings in outdoor spaces
With large balcony spaces a key feature in many modern apartment buildings, creating a durable and lush space that can be enjoyed year-round is key.
Create a space that reflects the apartment’s outlook.
A great example of this is the space styled by Perth Style Co at the Indigo China Green rooftop. With such a great outlook over the neighbouring Subiaco area and local parklands, we used a palette that complimented not only the building, but also the overall surrounds.
Source: Pindan

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