Pindan Social Media Policy

Pindan’s Social Media pages are platforms to discuss and discover Pindan’s developments, thriving communities, latest news and any other important achievements,and we hope that you enjoy learning more about the Pindan brand.

We encourage questions and engagement, including constructive feedback but to ensure that our page remains a safe and agreeable forum for everyone to engage in, please take the time to review the simple rules of our page.

Pindan reserves the right to remove any posts or comments made on our page that contrast with our standards.


  • Anything offensive to a reader or considered a personal attack. This includes posts that are potentially libellous, obscene, threatening, offensive, trolling, hateful or abusive to another member of the page.
  • Comments that are misleading, fraudulent, defamatory or refer to illegal activity.
  • We acknowledge constructive criticism but will not allow persistent misrepresentation and versions of the same opinion of Pindan.
  • Considered spam or promotional to another commercial organisation.
  • Any content that may put us (or you) in legal jeopardy.

Pindan and our page administrators may at any time, without explanation, remove comments and block a person who infringes these guidelines. To discuss the removal of a post or request a removal of a post or any other matters related to these guidelines please email CORPORATE.MARKETING@PINDAN.COM.AU

All commentary, images, videos, user- generated posts and any other type of content posted by the community do not necessarily represent the opinions of Pindan. Pindan is not responsible for the accuracy or reliability of any such content.

By sharing content or posts with Pindan you are granting royalty-free permission for Pindan to use, re-post, modify & publish your content. If you wish to revoke permission for Pindan to use your post, imagery and content please email CORPORATE.MARKETING@PINDAN.COM.AU

The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted or otherwise used for commercial purposes, except with the prior written permission from Pindan.

All enquiries will be responded to within two business days.

Pindan’s privacy policy is accessible via

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